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Loch Awe

A Legendary Event

KILCHURN CASTLE came alive on a magical summer evening in 1997, when Lady Margaret's guests arrived by water for a wedding feast. Her husband, Sir Colin Campbell, had been away at the Crusades for seven long years, and here she was, being married, somewhat against her will, to The MacQuorquodale, the neighbour who wants to take over the Castle.

The Drama Club took the parts of the mediaeval characters and provided the feast, while the community and tourists were invited as guests. True to the tale, the wedding is just about to be formalised when a travelling piper reveals himself to be Sir Colin. The villains are routed, while the company set to and enjoyed the feasting and dancing, making merry until the ferry returned for them, when they were able to look back at the Castle outlined in a blaze of sunset. It was a memorable evening.

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